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Areas of Focus

Affirmative Action Plans
Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance
Drug and Alcohol Issues

Employee Handbooks and Policies
Employee Terminations
Employment Discrimination Claims
Employment Litigation

Executive Compensation
Family and Medical Leave Act Compliance
Harassment Claims
Human Resources
Labor and Employment Arbitration and Mediation
Occupational Safety Laws and Regulations

Family business shareholder, management and succession arrangements

Domestic partner property arrangements
Pre-and post-marital property agreements

Wills and Estate Planning
Estate and trust administration, litigation and contested matters
Family residence succession and management arrangements

Divorce and custody
Family dispute resolution
Personal protection orders

Medical Marijuana
Non-Competition Agreements & Other Restrictive Covenants
Toxic Tort Defense
Wage and Hour Laws

Union Avoidance Counseling and Programs
Litigation Avoidance Counseling

Trial Counsel